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random observations, thoughts on life, humorous stories....from the studio while I paint.
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The Dream

Posted 10/16/2010 at 02:16 AM by superkat
Updated 10/16/2010 at 09:14 AM by superkat

Lying in bed, soft piano music playing, you close your eyes and drift away on a sailboat of sleep. The gentle motion of the water carries you to a place you you have never been before. You lie motionless in the safety of wooden beams, afraid to open your eyes and maybe see what you've always seen. Rocking back and forth as if cradled in a mother's arms, the waves lapping like a heartbeat against the smooth surface of your sleep upon the sea. A breeze, so soft that it caresses your cheek like a feather, laughs across the bow...and you awake.

You take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes and all around you there is a sea of cerulean blue. So still. Like glass. You reach over the side of the boat to touch its crystal blue surface and hesitate. For its beauty takes your breath away. And you think, "if I disturb the perfect nature of this glorious sight before me, will it return to its original state? Or will my hand upon its surface create something equally beautiful to behold, or perhaps mar the beauty forever?" So you hold your breath, for the water is inviting and beckons you to touch, and reach slowly over the wooden ship and with the lightest touch...the touch of a mother on her brand new baby's put your fingers to the surface and it breaks. Ripples of gold and blue and white and silver and purple, reflecting the sky the trees the sand. A kaliedascope of color with one simple touch. There is only a whisper of a sound as the ripples touch your boat, lap lap....lap lap....lap lap....and soon your own heart is keeping time with the motion.

And something moves below the surface. You think, "what have I disturbed? or what has taken an interest in me?" For a breath or two, you fear the worst, but the ripples dissipate and you can look down below the surface like looking through the finest pane of glass. And there is LIFE! And it's beautiful. And it's free. The colors of the life radiate in the glory of the sun beaming down from up above. It's breathtaking. It suddenly removes any negative thought from your head...from the past, from the present and you vow to never have another like that again, because what you are gazing the final frontier. The sea. And here you are, cradled in its very bosom, and it holds you gently there as if you were its own. Lap lap, lap lap, lap lap. The sound hypnotizes you and you are led to join below the surface. You slide off the man made vehicle and slip gently into the warm water, and for a moment, you feel like you have come home.

The water surrounds you like a blanket, but it holds no constraints. You are free. In the water, you can fly. You can be the water if you want to be. There are no fences, or boundaries....only the ones you create for yourself. And you push away from the safety that man created for you and with initial caution explore your new surroundings. You reach below to the pure white sand and scoop it up in your hands. And you notice that the tighter that you hold it, the more slips away, and you say, "let's try that again." and this time, gently, and steady, you take more sand and never squeeze. And it pools in your palm and it sparkles and shines. And you learn something......and move on. You look around you...there is an absence of loud noises....the surface muffled above. You are under a blanket...the blanket of the sea...and you feel like you've come home. And you venture further away from all you have ever known and you find things you never thought possible. You see colors so rich, flowers of the sea in constant movement with their underwater breezes....and it moves you tears. Tears of salt...tears that are full of amazement and wonder. This is the dream of your life.

And then you look back, the boat is so far away now...but there...look there...another explorer is coming...searching for the peace you have just found. And you motion for him to follow, to trust, to enjoy what he, too, had dreamed of. And you swim like it was second nature, like a mythical mermaid, hanging near the reef and crying tears that can't be seen because your tears mix with the water and become one. So beautiful. So beautiful.

And you pray you won't wake up. You pray the boat is gone and it will be this way forever.....but then the mystery would be gone....what is over the next ridge? what new fish will i see? And you think, "i can always come back", and inside your heart you feel, "but what if I can't?" And quickly you realize you have squeezed the sand in your hand so tight, that none remains.

Above you the wave start to toss and turn and they are shouting, "lesson not learned!" Back to the surface you go. Back to the boat. Back to the manmade contraptions of physical and emotional life...and your heart breaks a bit. You close your eyes and relax...and once again, you hear...lap lap...lap lap...lap lap....and it lulls you to sleep. But I am asleep, you say to yourself....I am already asleep! And the ocean breeze whispers gently in your ear, "yes child, you are asleep."

lap lap, lap lap, lap lap. sunlight on your face, a pillow beneath your head...and you cry because you feel like you've lost a part of who you are. You hold your pillow tight and close your eyes...if I can just sleep again...I can get back to where I was. And in that strange state between sleep and reality, something finally clicks. And the voice in your head says, "No sleep is required to take a voyage towards Peace."

How simple. How pure. How many times have we missed this?

"To sleep—perchance to dream."

(i wrote piano music to go along with this, but cannot figure out how to upload it.)

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  1. New Comment
    Steve Canyon's Avatar
    beware of the flashbacks. sleep deprivation.... weight loss releases them from storage in your depths.
    Posted 10/16/2010 at 07:52 PM by Steve Canyon Steve Canyon is offline
  2. New Comment
    Mmckibben's Avatar
    I haven't had a good, or bad dream in over two years.
    Posted 10/16/2010 at 10:25 PM by Mmckibben Mmckibben is offline
  3. New Comment
    superkat's Avatar
    really? i dream in color....and 3D. Sometimes even smell, taste, hear....very very weird, I they tell me...i've always dreamed that way.
    Posted 10/17/2010 at 08:02 PM by superkat superkat is offline
  4. New Comment
    Mmckibben's Avatar
    I almost never dream, but when I do it's almost real. I can hear, feel, taste, smell, see in 3d and color. It is rather easy to tell it's a dream thought, because gravity is sometimes a little, tiny bit off...
    Posted 10/17/2010 at 09:08 PM by Mmckibben Mmckibben is offline
  5. New Comment
    Steve Canyon's Avatar
    It's funny you should mention the gravity component. It doesn't seem to exist in my dreams. I mean, it's there. But when I want to, I seem to simply defy the law. Basketball? More like spaceball for me. I simply jump over, and fly past opponents. Superman kinda flying from here to there at will. Someone will chime in with some sort of dream interpretation here I bet. Now if I could just figure out the watermelon and Hershey bar smashing on the floor parts.....
    Posted 10/18/2010 at 04:52 AM by Steve Canyon Steve Canyon is offline
  6. New Comment
    superkat's Avatar
    ok...gravity, or lack thereof, occurs with most people who have "old souls". Flight is confidence. The exact opposite happens in nightmares, and don't even get me started on how much i hate nightmares. The absence of flight, or the slow motion movement or inability to move is the lack of confidence. Flight also equals freedom. People who dream they are flying actually can't have the equivalent of flight in real life. Something tethers them. Or...if they have things that are repressed in waking hours, dreams allow those things to have wings.

    The watermelon and Hershey bars? I have a good therapist, Steve. lmao.
    Posted 10/18/2010 at 08:55 PM by superkat superkat is offline
  7. New Comment
    Mmckibben's Avatar
    My sister dreams about flying... she got her pilots license before here drivers.
    Posted 10/18/2010 at 10:32 PM by Mmckibben Mmckibben is offline
  8. New Comment
    superkat's Avatar
    Posted 10/19/2010 at 10:45 AM by superkat superkat is offline

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