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help with leather coral

ive had a "toadstool" or mushroom leather coral for about 4-5 months now and all of a sudden i looked at it yesterday and it wasnt expaned mid day and had white blotches all over the stalk and head and thismorning just looked again and they are worse, what disease am i looking at and how should i treat it? water parameters are fine from what i can tell and other tankmates including an acro, frogspawn, finger leather...

Put a sweater on babe, your gonna get ich.

Current Tank Info: 180 aga RR/ DIY sump-fuge with cheato, aqua c EV 240 mag18 driven, mag 18 return, 2xKorilia 4. DIY light 4X39 T-5 actinic, 2x 400w 10k.
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