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Food , light , and flow all play a part. They like small meaty things like cyclops , and other frozen food bits. They also may open at night and may need to be feed later after lights go out.

Are you asking what water readings will support this coral then i ask do you know what the water readings are.A test kit is the most importatn tool in reefing and you may need to get 2 or 3 kits in time. I rarley see just 1 problem in any tank to cause any issue. Well not feeding could be about the only single issue if all other factors in place. But this is not normally the case and if you add a coral before you research it ( same as fish) then you might aswell flush it. All coral require differant things from lighting , to placement to flow to feedings.
Its great you asked but its better to inquire before the purchase for maximum results.
As you have nothing listed in your profile then your a newb and i wonder how long your tanks been up and your type of equipment to amount of LR and LS and your stock you have now from CUC to fish and coral. Adding these things to your profile greatly reduces the response time to any question.

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