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yea im a noob on this site kinda and i consider myself a noob in reefing tanks been running for over 2 years with very little problems, 60 lbs LR bare bot, aqau c remora, and ive got test kits comin out my behind lol.
dkh -8
nitrates phos undetectable salifert
feed very little tho so maybe thats the reason and also it was given to me im not big on softies

Put a sweater on babe, your gonna get ich.

Current Tank Info: 180 aga RR/ DIY sump-fuge with cheato, aqua c EV 240 mag18 driven, mag 18 return, 2xKorilia 4. DIY light 4X39 T-5 actinic, 2x 400w 10k.
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