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Zephrant, by now you might have found some of my other posts/threads talking about various things I've built. I do feel like I'm getting more and more successful as I learn more about working with acrylic, but this thread really helped me see it on a far more professional level.

I'm currently using a table saw and router for my work. Is there an inexpensive option rather than buying a jointer? I'm not pleased with what I am able to run on my router table, so instead I secure my piece to a piece of MDF with a good edge, and using a straight router bit with a bearing, I run my edges to get a good surface. Is my next best option to simply sand the edge, and if so, what grit sand paper do you suggest?

I'm currently using a piece of MDF as my surface for gluing my pieces when I build sumps, and use Weld-On #3 with pretty good results. I do see some tiny bubbles, and have found sometimes I can simply lean the piece away from me a few degrees, run my bead of glue and then right the piece to 90 degrees again to give me a mostly bubble free seam.

Great tip on the speed squares! I've been wanting to make a template to hold my two pieces where they butt together at the top temporarily while the glue cures, but haven't made anything yet.


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