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Aaron- It does ooze out each size. I'm not sure why you are getting the bubbles though. What is the temperature and humidity? Lately I have been gluing in a room that is 65 degrees, and pretty dry. I've heard that damp air makes it harder to glue.

Melev- Hey- I learned a ton from Acrylicman (and JabberJaws) from here, just passing on some of their information along with things I stumbled on myself.

I have not been using the Jointer as much anymore- Only for large sheets, and I may stop doing that. It is a cheap jointer (Harbor Freight) and it is pretty hard to get it setup so it is perfect. I normally get triangular pieces out of it when I run a square though it. Makes it a PITA to make a square tank out of them, but I have high hopes of making a pyramid some day, hopefully on purpose.

Great tip on leaning the piece BTW- I've heard that from several people, but I don't use Weldon #3 so have not tried it. I may have to though, as I'm thinking of dropping the #16 as it is not as strong.

My router is on the table saw- (Love the new Dewalt 618PK BTW!) Here is a sneak peak at a future write-up:

Note that the flush trim bit is high enough that the bearing does not touch, and the feather boards are adjusted to hold the work against the table-saw fence. Rough cut the work on the saw first, and take off no more than 1/32 of an inch to true it up.


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