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I was not clear with my use of words. I actually meant bubbles of glue (not air) as opposed to a bead like you described.

But that brings me to another question.

That last beckett and venturi skimmers I build using only Weldon 3. Once done I felt that the welds we not strong enough so I ran a bead of Weldon 16 around all the accessible joints. I ended up with a nice concave bead around each joint (like you get on a glass tank is you uses silicone and run your finger along the joint).

However, by the time it had dried a bit (say 10-15 minutes) a row of tiny bubbles had formed inside the bead and an all beads???

I showed the local acrylic manufacture but he had never seen it before.

Any ideas?

Temp. would have been around 20-25 degrees C (68-77 degrees F) and not too humid.


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