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Aaron- That makes it clearer. I think what is happening is that the Weldon #16 is skinning over, then you are adding some weight. The extra weight forces some glue out, but it can only escape at the weak points of the "skin", so looks like bubbles. Try adding the weight earlier, or pressing down more when you assemble.

Weldon #16 is at least 70% solvent. When you try to fillet with it, it has to shrink to about 1/3 its size. If the surface skins over first (as it normally does) then the inner portion shrinks away from it, making bubbles. The only solution is to not try to fillet with Weldon #16 unless it is extremely thin.

Rad- That right hand table is part of a "Router table kit" that came with the Craftsman saw. It is also available separately. It does work well for most cases. Having that big fence is great. There is a cheapo kit that is supposed to go on the fence to turn it in to a split fence as needed, but it is a royal PITA to adjust, so I never use it. In this case, I did not need anything other than a straight fence.

Well you guys convinced me to try Weldon #3 tonight. I picked up a few cans when I was at the candy store today. I made up a pair of 10"x6" overflow boxes with it, and it seamed to work well. Very fast. I'll see tomorrow if the joints are strong enough, but for this use, it should be fine.


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