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I too like that idea about using copper wire with a loop to tug them out!

We just had our (DFWMAS) club meeting at my house this evening, and I held an acrylics demonstration to show how it can be cut, routed, sanded, buffed and bent for the members. I threw together a very simple specimen container like the LFS use to hang on the tanks. Our president commented that it looked like it could be the outer box of an overflow system.

I tried to keep it moving at a good pace so no-one would get too bored, and answered questions to give people better ideas of what they could do, and what it might cost.

Later, several came up to me to let me know they'd be ordering sumps. No problem - I think it is fun to make this stuff.

I"m going to make a hanger bracket for the SCWD unit, and if it comes out nicely, post a picture for others to copy. Since 3iQ doesn't supply any.

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