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Todd- Your welcome!

Melev- There is a trick on how far to insert them. All the way though, and they wick glue on to the base piece where it can puddle. 1/2 way though, and the glue wicks around the pin and continues down the joint as you glue. It makes it easier to not get bubbles right at the pin.

With 1/4" material, it's hard to not get them all the way though, but with 3/8" or 1/2" it is pretty simple.

I try to glue up both sides at once, then leave it on the end of the table overnight. I've read that others only wait an hour, but I had problems once doing that, so don't risk it anymore. Rotating the project to work on the next side is fine, just be careful and be fast. Disturbing the glue joint after it has set weakens it.

I have had some luck using another pin to poke at the bubbles to get them out. When you pull the pins the big one ooze out, but where they were did not get enough solvent so it sometimes makes a network of small bubbles. Not bad structurally, but unsightly.

If you get big bubbles after it sets, then you did not shim enough or even enough, or your joints were not cut perfectly straight. I know you have made lots of sumps, but it is a long learning experience to get them perfect. That is why I still don't make display tanks, only sumps. A bubble or two in a sump is not a problem, in a display tank it is unsightly.


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