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Got the sump done and built a few minutes ago.

I'll water test it in the morning. So far it looks excellent, and I love these seams far better than most I've done in the past. This method is slower and more aggravating, but the results are good. I just need to get finer wire and avoid the pooling-issue I dealt with on this one.

I noticed that sometimes I was able to remove the wire and the excess glue would bleed out the wire's hole, which would be another reason to avoid it sticking out on the inside of the project.

Doing internal baffles is much harder to get right, I noticed. No matter how much I measure, mark and cut, I still don't always get things tight enough for #3, and end up having to squirt in #16 unfortunately. I guess that is the nature of the beast.

This sump and refugium should hold over 80 gallons.

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