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Hey Zeph,

Quick question for you! I'm in the process of building my sump, everything is going fine until I tried to put the bottom on the tank! So I ran a line of weldon 4 around the bottom lip of the tank (the part where the bottom of the tank attaches to the 4 sides) and pushed the bottom onto the tank. This definately didn't work! Most of the weldon didn't take to the tank and I had no good way to keep it pushed down so that the glue could dry. Well, hindsight is 20/20 but I'm trying to discover a good way to attach the bottom (now that the messed up bottom has become the top of the tank ).

My current thoughts are that I will use the pin method to carefully attach each side of the sump to the bottom panel until all four sides are connected.

Do you agree with how I'm doing this? Or am I trying to build the sump the hard way?



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