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What solvent your using as well as the material and very importantly is the temperature determines how long those pins should stay in. The thickness of the pins needs to be consistant as well. For anyone interested McMaster Carr sells some stainless wire (Piano wire) in a lot of different thicknesses. For 1/2" material and thinner I would use 10 to 12 thou wire. For 3/4" to 1 1/4" I would to to 16 to 18 thou. A 1/4 lb. coil will cost 7.00 and is a good investment if your going to build sumps/tanks. This time of year 30 seconds is plenty for leaving the pins in before pulling them. Cool weather you might go to 45 seconds. Leaving the pins in too long will leave marks/bubble trails in the seams. Weldon 3 works pretty quick and 30 seconds might be too much. MC Bond is a little slower than Weldon 4 and I have recently learned that adding a little more acid can slow it down some more. BTW this is a great thread!!!



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