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Originally posted by GrayWhale
Any suggestions on how to glue two pieces of acrylic face to face? I'm thinking of euro-bracing a 100g with two layers of 1/2" laminated together with lapped corner joints. It seems like this would be a more efficient use of materials than buying a 1" sheet, most of which would be cut away.
More efficient - yes, but not nearly as strong. In doing a lap joint eurobrace alot of the stress is applied to the two corners which are more apt to crack while a radius corner will distribute the stress throughout the radius. More area per "X" amount of stress = more overall stress tolerance.
If you want to do the lap joint thing though, you can use solvent, Weld-on 40, make a laminating cement (methylene chloride and acrylic "nerf", or a variety of other ways.


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