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I have not personally used it but, some of my co workers have. They say it is not the easiest to work with. The cartridges make it very hard to push the glue through. The ratio of the mix is predetermined and does not allow you to compensate for temperature. At around 80 degrees you have about 20 minutes to work with it. Also a lot of glue gets wasted in the long tip that is on the set up used to mix it before it comes out. Definitely not an efficient way of doing it IMO. On another note it is expensive. If one is worried about the ooze (excess) that come out of the joint you can use mylar tape along the edge and after it just begins to set up you can pull the tape up and get the glue cleanly off. You have less than a 5 minute window to do this because if you do it too soon the glue has not begun to harden enough and you just make a mess. If you wait too long the glue harden enough so you cannot snap it off.



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