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Originally posted by achilles1
This is a great thread! 42 is really expensive! 40 Is the same formula, but you can change the mix ratios and don't have the cost of the gun. I supposed you would brush it on the edge of the acylic and then join it. I don't know what that does for bubbles and oozing, but those are the two formulas they recommend for aqauriums. Is weld-on #4 really strond enough to hold a 1/2" 180 gallon sump?
Try mixing it (#40) in a tupperware dish then pouring it into the top of a syringe (I use 50cc) then replace the plunger and fill where needed.

Cyro recommends polymerizable and they do have their reasons but just about every "hobby" tank will be made by using solvent cements such as Weldon 4, so yes - it is very strong if done correctly.


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