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Originally posted by Zephrant
Acrylics- Have you found a source for 1oz glass syringes? I've been using 2oz squeeze bottles, but a local jobber has these big glass syringes that he says are the best.
Sure, we get them here in Portland if you're ever down this way
I just don't like them 'cuz if you don't clean them out right away the plunger sticks in the syringe. With poly syringes, you can leave them in there, let the 40 cure and just blow the plunger and 40 plug right out with compressed air (target practice). The other thing is that I rarely apply 40 with just the syringe - normally I put a vinyl or silicone hose over the nipple of the syringe so I can get into tight places easier.
All that said, we can get them for you should you wish.


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