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Originally posted by melev

I think I want to attempt to build an acrylic tank to replace my 29g. Using cell cast acrylic, would 3/8" be a good thickness for a tank that is 30 x 20 x 20? I'm going to put a black acrylic wall in the rear, to hide a closed loop pump and provide a real overflow with drilled holes in the base. Because it is acryliic, I may notch the rear to make room for my Remora to hang on the back.

I'd like to stay with 3/8", so if 20" is too tall for that thickness, I could drop it down to 18". Would that still swell too much?

My current tank is glass, 30 x 12 x 18.
You should be fine with that thickness. The only thing that may concern me is the notch for the skimmer. Is this to be in the top or the actual back of the tank?
Keep in mind, some mfrs (no names this time, jab jab) use 1/4" on 55 gal tanks, not that I recommend this - but...

Would that swell too much? Marc? All cell cast acrylic absorbs water but not more than about 1% by weight so I wouldn't worry about swelling too much.

BTW, I know I should stop buggin' yo about it but when you gonna build that tank? or is this another step in that direction? If so - are you starting to feel more confident/comfortable with it?
Don't make me build it for you


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