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When I saw 'notch', I was thinking that although it should be a perfect rectangle, for me to have room for the Remora, I'd have to inset about 4" x 8" across the back. (The actual back of the tank.) Which would break up the rectangular shape. Perhaps I can hang it off the rear side corner instead....

If it does swell, it would distort the view, and make photography really tricky.

I talked to my LFS tonight about a new tank to replace my 29g since it is so scratched and 5 years old. A new one would cost me less than $50, but a slightly larger one (front to back), plus drill holes, would run me $170. Making my own is beginning to sound like a great idea! Would the Piranha magnet work okay on 3/8"? I have the acrylic pad for it.

Yes, this is yet another step closer. Where are you located James? I'd love to just drive out your way, and build the L shaped tank with you. I'd learn so much, and I bet it would be absolutely trustworthy. Plus I'd get to meet you finally.

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