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Originally posted by melev
When I saw 'notch', I was thinking that although it should be a perfect rectangle, for me to have room for the Remora, I'd have to inset about 4" x 8" across the back. (The actual back of the tank.) Which would break up the rectangular shape. Perhaps I can hang it off the rear side corner instead....
This type of thing actually makes me somewhat nervous, to tell you the truth.

If it does swell, it would distort the view, and make photography really tricky.
Oh, ok, I know what you mean now - we usually call that bowing or deflection I thought you were referring to the material itself actually swelling in size and/or thickness. My bad...
It will bow some but not too much, maybe 1/8" - 3/16"or so I would guess.


I talked to my LFS tonight about a new tank to replace my 29g since it is so scratched and 5 years old. A new one would cost me less than $50, but a slightly larger one (front to back), plus drill holes, would run me $170. Making my own is beginning to sound like a great idea! Would the Piranha magnet work okay on 3/8"? I have the acrylic pad for it.
Not sure, never used a magnet. I make my own scrapers

Yes, this is yet another step closer. Where are you located James? I'd love to just drive out your way, and build the L shaped tank with you. I'd learn so much, and I bet it would be absolutely trustworthy. Plus I'd get to meet you finally.
I'm just south of Portland, OR. Should you ever be in the 'hood...


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