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Originally posted by melev
Let me toss this one out there as well. Same concept, just changing (bending?) more rules....

Can I use 3/8" for the walls, and 1/4" for the top and bottom? I only ask because I have excess 1/4" on hand. The bottom will sit on solid wood (or a 1/2" foam pad to avoid stress points), and the top will be mostly cut out (3" lip?!?!!!! I'd much prefer 1.5" max!).
Ah, bending the rules again eh?

Question: Are you using one cutout or two?

If just one cutout, you'll want the wider flange (lip). If you can live with two cutouts, use the smaller flange but you get the centerbrace.
Perhaps a happy medium, one cutout but use a 2" flange with a larger radius on the cutouts - say a 2" or so. This will help distribute stress over a larger area than the 1/4" radius that a standard 1/2" flush cutter leaves.
I would worry about using 1/4" FF for the top though, extruded material is more sensitive to stress and heat and the heat from reef lighting *may* cause issue depending on how much heat the top actually receives. The again I may be worrying too much...been known to happen.


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