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Originally posted by tricky
It is trapezoid in shape to maximize the area. I am building it with the largest dimensions that I can and still removable from the front. I is around 60 gal, measures 43 1/2" length, one end is 15 1/2", the other 22" and 18" tall. I am using 3/8 plexiglas G.
Tough sump to make for many, the trapezoidal shape requires machining and gluing angles which can get difficult


The first joint will be attaching the back (cut to fit inside the ends) to the bottom.
It is recommended to glue the bottom on last, you can control flatness and warpage easier this way, but...

The second glue operation will be two joints, one to the bottom and one to the back after it has set. It looks like the pin spacing method will work as described in this thread for the bottom joint, but how about the joint up the back?
Maybe change the order in which you are gluing so that you are always gluing on a horizontal plane. Perhaps glue the ends to the back then flip the whole thing over onto the bottom?

The shim method won't work here, and it does not have the weight of acrylic for clamping pressure. Would you recommend using bar clamps?
Bar clamps have a tendency to squeeze out any solvent, leaving a "dry" joint. I use them often for gluing heavy gauge but would not at all recommend them for thin stuff

Also, any thoughts on the design?
If you can post a drawing of what you've got/want, I'm sure if we all put our heads together...

I have not finalized how much space will be dedicated to sump and how much is refugium, but I will likely end up with internal dividers that would add bracing. Do you think it might be necessary to add an inside lip at the top for bracing?
Depends on design, to tell the truth


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