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Thanks for the comments, it's helping a bunch. I can seen how attaching the bottom last would have been better. I thought there would be more matching problems attaching the bottom to four separate pieces, but that has not been problem at all Everything is real square. A bigger problem is trying to glue a vertical joint.
The problem I am having with the vertical joint is the gap is not very controllable. The gap is too wide, the solvent flows down the joint and I couldn't get the gap to fill. I started at the top, the solvent just ran down the gap and started filling near the bottom. Without a clamp or the pressure of the plexi, there is not enough pressure to close the joint far enough. I did manage to get a nice, just had a few bubbles, but it was getting scary for a little bit. BTW, the framing squares is a GREAT trick, it really keeps everything square and solid. I managed to use one square with a pile of lead scuba weights piled on it with wooden wedge to put some pressure from the outside in, it worked well.

The trapezoid shape has not been a problem so far. The angle cuts are only 9 degrees from square. I use a 10" 60 tooth carbide tip blade on the table saw, then dress it down with a flat mill bastard (file). It took quite a few hours for the hand dressing, but it all came out really nice.
I am ready to glue the front in place. It sits on top of the bottom piece and overlaps the two end pieces. I am considering joining it to the bottom with the pin method first, then letting it dry. Then turn it on the front to one end, dry again and the other end. Would this give the best joint? I am concerned that the glue will wick up the vertical joints when I try to stop in the corners.

Sorry for open ended question about sump design, I was actually concerned about the thickness for the size of the sump right now. Thanks, melev- I will see what it looks like on the leak test. Went I get the box built, I will post a layout for some ideas.


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