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Originally posted by tricky
Melev, you are giving me confidence. Guess I did the impossible!! Seriously, it can't be done well is what we'll agree on. I close the gap, got it to fill rather well, but isnt a piece of art. It looks like it will be strong enough, but just to make sure I am going to run a bead of weldon 16 on the inside. So what I hear you saying is I should be able to glue the bottom, let it dry, turn it to do one end, then the other?

Acrylics or Zephrant will probably chime in as well, but if your gap is really problematic, you can put a small piece of acrylic over the spot, and weld that in to act as a patch/bandaid.

Using #16 is pretty messy and hard to control, until I went to a hobby shop and bought a pack of 5 long tips. They didn't fit of course, but I cut the end so it would spread just wide enough to be forced onto the tube of #16. It allows me to just apply where I need it, in lesser amounts.

And yes, glue your horizontal seam, allow it to dry, turn the entire project until your next seam to be glued is horizontal, and continue until all seams are done.

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