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Who Makes the Best RO Style Filter Housings

Technically this will be for a freshwater tank, but you guys know more about filters and RO than any freshwater forums would.

I'm going to be setting up a four stage filter for an automated water change setup. Stage one will be a pre filter, followed by three (overkill) carbon filters designed to deal with chloramine. However there will be no RO membrane, TDS meter, pressure gauge, etc. So I'm pretty sure it will be cheaper to piece this setup together from parts rather than buying a pre made RO filter and removing parts.

I've decided to go with brand name John Guest fittings to make sure I'm getting the most leak proof joins possible for quick connect fittings. Next I'm trying to decide which filter housings to buy. I see that Pentair is a pretty popular company in this field with quite a few filter housing types to choose from. However, after reading reviews on some of their housings on Amazon I found way too many reports of the housings leaking. So I'm wondering what individuals here would recommend as a reliable filter housing that will never leak.


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