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Originally Posted by ded65 View Post
I think this is my first post, but I have had freshwater tanks for many years. I know freshwater fish need the minerals that an RO system will remove. Unless you are replacing the minerals (there are additives) that the system removes, it will not be good to the health of the fish. I refill mine with treated (Seachem Prime) tap water. My LiquaGen RO/DI works well with no leaks and you can find them on Amazon or their website. In a saltwater tank, the salt replaces the filtered minerals.
i think he's talking about just useing the sediment and carbon parts of an rodi unit which will work fine as the membrane is what will remove most of the minerals.

as for the canisters I can't say brand name's but the ones from buckeyehydro or spectrapure are quality units. just buy the 3 or 4 canisters from them along with a bracket to fit them all on and it should work fine.

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