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Acrylic buffing :( I'm doing something wrong please advise

Hey all,

I have a 340 gallon acrylic aquarium I'm buffing out. It had minor scratches, and a couple bigger but for the most part not too bad.

I got a makita palm sander, and began with 600 grit on the end panel. I worked back and forth at a medium pace left to right on the panel. Then I went to 800 and did up and down patterns at a medium pace. Then I did 1000 alternating direction, 1500 and finally 2000. I wiped off the residue between every coat.

Everything seemed uniform and the scratches gone, so I then moved on to Novus step 3. I used a headlight restorer buffing ball and massaged the glass.

Next I applied step 2 liberally, then buffed it off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Lastly I applied step 1 and buffed it out with a microfiber cloth.

If I look at the tank having only buffed the one side of the panel it looks amazing clear.

If I look through the glass with a light there's like a haze, and some very small fine scratches, possibly from me sanding it. The biggest thing that bothers me is the haze look as once tank is filled I don't want to have this haze.

Did I miss a step or any tips how to perfect this?

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