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Originally Posted by NS Mike D View Post
I am leaning towards this but on a nano scale. I've been following the threads and posts by you, PaulB (who lives a corals' throw from me) Kareem, Steve Tyree and TimFish. I find a multi-zone system very interesting.

I am over ambitious attempting to keep a mixed coral nano (29 gal) with a mandarin, so it's been interesting keeping everyone happy.

I am adding a 10 gallon sump under the tank seeking a no light semi-cryptic zone in the fuge section to compliment the CPR HOB 5 gallon sump on the back which is packed with cheato and pods with a bit of sand and rubble.

I hope to remove the skimmer as I am pulling very little skimmate as it stands now. Could be all the feather duster worms and aptasia I can't reach are beating the skimmer to the job.

I have enjoyed your contributions on those other threads. For certain, the more biodiversity the better. Bacteria and food webs have “Dynamic Equilibrium” and population densities correct for food supply changes. Self correcting biological control for free.
Natural systems are stable. They stand the test of time and they are easy to maintain. The reason that many do not have success with natural systems is because of impatience or toooooo much bioload. Why put so many fish in a tank so that if one piece of equipment fails, the tank crashes. Many people set themselves up for defeat by being short sided on their tank husbandry.

With respect to the things that compete with skimmer for nutrients, you can include coral.

PS. The

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