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Originally Posted by lapin View Post
No where in the thread did I read if the pump is running or not while this happens. If the pump is running and not shutting off when the water hits the first sensor, bad first sensor or ATO control unit. I would first unplug the sensors from the unit and the unit from the wall, then plug every thing back in.
yep.. It would seem like a fault with the first (normal level) sensor then.. (assuming its setup properly)

It could be that you have set it up incorrectly thus leading to this problem..
Was the normal level sensor above the water level when you mounted it/set it up?
I'd assume there is some calibration process where it looks at the sensor and it must be above the water or whatever initially then you lower it down or something..
Read the manual and try to set it up again..

Maybe you even have it upside down..

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