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Originally Posted by Smokey Stover View Post
Just saying "I" don't. Have you tried Coral Vue tech support?
If you have a situation/application where its not needed then there is no need to use it..
But if you do then use it..plain and simple..
Its quite easy to understand the concepts behind a siphon to know if one will form or not..

There are also certain types of pumps where you would not need one even if a siphon is "possible".. Like a peristaltic pump..
But if you are using a normal centrifugal pump or a diaphragm pump like the toms aqualifter and you have a situation where a siphon can develop then use it..

Its just not possible to have an application/pump,etc.. that will allow a siphon and to not have one.. It will happen every time so I'm not sure where smokey is going here..
If he doesn't need one.. he doesn't need one.. That doesn't mean you don't..

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