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Originally posted by melev
Zephrant, I'm reviving this thread because my seams are still a tad messy. I'm getting good bubble free seams for the most part, but too much product oozes out.

I'm currently using twist ties that come with trashbags or sandwich baggies. What size wire would be ideal, and would it be something I can find at Home Depot perhaps? Or Fry's Electronics?
King Acrylite,
What type of material? what thickness? what solvent? how long are you waiting to pull wires? What is the surface prep on the material? Are the ooze bubbles large (bb size) or smaller?
My off hand guess is that the wires used are too big and you're waiting too long and you're using extruded material
Try using thinner wires, .007" is about all you need for the wire, twist ties are twice that (.014") which gets too much solvent in there, it dissolves plastic, and when you pull the wires it's gotta go somewhere. Assuming you're routing the gluing edges - you only need to have the wires in the a few seconds with extruded material as the stuff breaks down real fast.
BTW, if ya can't find anything locally, try http://www.
This is where I buy the malleable stainless wire.

King Acrylite - love it


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