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Hi James,

I'm using 1/4" Acrylite FF, with Weld-On #4. Edges are cut with a Freud blade on a table saw, then scraped with a razorblade, and hand sanded (a few strokes).

I put the piece on the wires, fill the void, and wait about 30 seconds. Then I pull the wires, and get a puddle in some zones. It isn't a flood, but I do get some oozing, and it is more than a BB. I'd post pictures, but...

I could speed up the wait time if necessary. I know I had to move more quickly with #3.

I'll have to find out where to buy .007 stainless steel wire. I'm going to assume it comes on a spool, right?

Btw, you are one of the few that gets my moniker.

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