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Sorry to bring this back from the dead again....

Marc, have you tied the thinner guage wire and 10 sec wait time yet? I'm just curious if it solved your problem?

I'm getting ready to attempt my first sump project. Not unlike you, I'm using FF because of the cost. Locally they want $200 a sheet for GP and $150 for FF. I ordered a sheet of FF from a guy on ebay, cut into thirds and shipped, for $107.

Assembly question, I read that most folks join the ends to the front and then all three to the back and then the box to the bottom. I'm curious if there is ever a problem lining up the bottom of the end pieces to the bottom of the front and back. It seems they would have to be perfectly aligned to get a good, flat, edge to join to the bottom room for error....Am I retarted and missing something or just over analyzing a simple procedure.... I practiced on some cheap 3/16 acrylic, trying to make a speciman container. I ended up with a crazy amount of bubbles. However, I didn't use the router on the edges, just the edge of a razor blade, weld-on 3 and didn't bother with the I guess the results are as expected....

I'm using weld-on 4, frued blade and using my router as a joiner to clean up the edges ever so slightly for the sump project. Any other advice before making a paper weight out of a sheet of acrylic????


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