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Howdy all- Thanks for the comments- It is that kind of encouragement that makes it worth the effort for these.

John- Nothing extra holding the tanks on, other than dead weight. It may be a good idea to make the supports with a lip on the end, to help keep the tanks from sliding off. Using metal shelf supports would be a good idea too.

Freed- I meant to mention the tools used:
- Table Saw (Good acrylic blade optional)
- Router table with straight bit, and 1/8" round-over bit.

It can be done with more or less tools, but that is the minimum that should be used to make it relatively easy.

Adrinal- The VHO bulbs I use have a built in reflector, but adding one would help a little. It would also keep down on evaporation. I've noticed that I evaporate about a gallon more a day than I used to.

BK- It runs pretty quiet- The ball valves are to adjust the air that is allowed to go down the overflows. Properly adjusted, they are silent.

Marm- Yep, those are old URI 48" VHO bulbs (110 watts each).

You're welcome all-


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