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I enjoy reading your posts immensely. One thing that troubles me is the position of the material and the router fence. Any time you "trap" material between the fence and the bit you risk a serious kick back or having the material grabbed out of your hands flying across the shop at an unbelievable speed! Granted, your taking off very small amounts, but for the people that don't have the experience working with power tools, they may be tempted to take off too much in one pass. Better to use the fence with the bit trapped in it. If the table saw fence doesn't allow this , it is very easy to make a fence. For example, I made one out of a 2x2 peice of alum. angle, cut a notch in it for the bit and attached two peices of MDF to the face. When you want to take off say a 32nd. on the MDF that is on the left looking at the bit, loosen the screws attaching it and insert a 32nd shim behind it, poster board will do. That way it will act as your jointer does removing that amount of material from your workpiece. Plus, you will not have to re adjust your fence for each side. If you use spiral bits as I do you'll get a finsih that is a lot better then you can acheive on a jointer. I have a 8"PowerMatic jointer and trust me, it can't produce the results in acrylic that the $22 spiral bit does.I have been woodworking(furniture, etc.) for over 30 years and I have seen/had my unfair share of "oops!". I am in no way being critical just trying to offer a safer way to do things. Sincerely hope I didn't offend.

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