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I've been playing with an idea similar to your raceway, but as a stand alone system. The setup would be like yours, but with a third raceway. 2 of the raceways would be just like yours( about 6" deep), but the third would be very shallow to act as a turf mat/ algae filter for filtration. The entire system would use surge type circulation, thus the algae matt would have water dumped on it once per minute. The entire setup would drain into a dedicated sump that would be used only as a water resevoir- 100% of filtration comes from the algae scrubber.

The only issue I can imagine is that nutrients would need to be added to maintain the algae, thus the corals would need to be fed.
Possible cheap materials to use- Vinyl rain gutters as raceway and salt bucket as sump. Surge via a carlson surge device or SCWD.

Your comments please?

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