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Nice work.

I rent so I can't put holes in the walls.

Here is my solution to more space. 14 gal glass tank 56x8x8 sits on top of 240. It overhangs the back of tank by 2 1/2 inch to keep alot of weight on vertical glass rather than glass supports. It's been there for 8 months now, doing fine. Bulk head in each end allows for easy level control. Simply turn the elbow up or down for desired level. Try to keep half full ( 7 gal). Weight is 100-125 lbs depending on coral load. I needed more space (and still need alot more with 500 corals growing) and it was $75 (glass 55,silicone 10, bulkheads 10) and quick. Local glass shop cut the glass, I siliconed it together. Inlet line was already there for the show tank.

Setting up a 180gal now next to this 240 and 120.
Will move this uner the 180 on top of refugium/sump that will be 60x22x18.

If I owned this house. I'd just flood it and live with the corals. LOL

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