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The advantage of the hang on or the one I have (on top of 240) or any addition to a main system is that you get the filtration from the main unit while gaining space. Although the concept of the feeding for growth is definetly good thinking. Now can these two concepts be combined?

Your idea may be valid if the main system can hold the remaining bioload from the excess food, nutrient dosing (eliminating the need for a water change). If the corals in the remote holding container can consume the majority of the supplements (while shut off from main system) and the remaining then being circulated within the entire system consumed by the remaining corals (which I have 500 corals) , skimmed and also consumed by refugium media, that may be a good idea.

My system is perfect for that test. I have a valve that regulates the flow to the frag tank. I could shut it off from main system (frag tank has two 200gph powerheads for circulation), feed and then circulate to main system after specified time. I've actually done that, but only slowed the flow down to a trickle. I didn't have the two small powerheads in there then. I was also concerned about the heat next to 1250watts of MH. I could turn on the two lights at the ends during this specified time and watch temp in frag tank.

HMMMMMMMM. Selective feeding. Time for a stick on thermometer.

Thanks dogstar74

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