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My own AEFW (Acro Eating Flatworms) images

Hey, why not? I finally got my own collection of them, so I can put some on my I.D. page.

My A. valida looked pretty bad over the past week, and I thought it was an alkalinity issue. Turns out I was wrong.

Here is is, back on June 13, looking happy:

And then again, on July 28th, super close up:

Several people informed me early this morning that they are AEFW. Not really sure, I pulled the coral out of my tank, and blasted it in a while bowl of water (.25g perhaps) with 4 drops of Lugol's Solution. Here's what I found.

Some were large, like the one above, and many were very tiny. They are virtually invisible to the naked eye when studying a coral. A few more pictures to give you some perspective.

And finally, my little coral. It was a mere twig last September, and finally it is something I can hold in my hand. The question is will it survive... I blasted it off repeatedly, and redipped it in new bowls of iodine three times. When I put it back in the tank, the flow caused many of the now-white flatworms to blow around, only to land elsewhere. Now the rest of my corals can be part of the party too. My Copperband Butterfly ate a few.

I seriously doubt I'll treat my corals in a separate system. Humm.

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