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My tank tends to have incoming and outgoing corals on a regular basis, for whatever reason. For example, in the past 30 days:

I took pictures of one guy's gorgeous SPS tank. In return, I got 6 frags.

A LFS contacted me to pick up corals that he was throwing out, so I could save them possibly.

A local reefer brought me a frag of his RTNing coral. It didn't survive 24 hours.

The month before:

Club frag swap - I brought home a few pieces.

A bunch of zoanthids were placed in my prop section, donated by another reefer in the area.

AEFW could have come in on any of that stuff. How long they remain dormant, nor how long it takes for them to travel to the actual coral they want to eat - no idea.

I started reading one AEFW thread where Weatherson was going to treat his tank rather than pulling out the corals, which would be my preference obviously. I only read page 1 of the 24 page thread, so I need to see how that played out.

I have a Lemon Meringue Wrasse and a Six Line Wrasse, plus the Copperband. It would be nice if these three would tagteam the worms.

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