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Couple of questions:

1) Is there a rule of thumb in regards to which corners should be inside vs. outside. (i.e. Small length attached on the inside edge of the longer panes or longer side attached on the inside edge of a shorter pane) Does that make sense?

2) I still have a hard time believing it's easier to glue all 4 sides and then attach the top/bottom. Do you just make sure that the edges are flush when attaching all the sides ? And/Or do you re-router them to level everything before attaching bottom and top?

3) I have Weld-On 3 and 16. Should this be good, or should I try to get some Weld-On 4 to first work with? I didn't see any at the TAP plastics site though, unles it's under a different label.

BTW Great thread I have learned so much. I'm still a couple weeks away from making a modified version of Melev's Sump Model M

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