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Marc, Thanks again. I'll send you the thread when I start. My tank gets here on 9/30. I'm going to start building the sump on 9/16. Hopefully I can do it in a weekend. I practiced gluing some 3/8" scraps yesterday with #4. I feel good enough to try it for real. Another aquarist that I work with will be involved in the project. I bought a 4'x8'x1" MDF and cut it down to 3'x6' to use as a gluing table on top of a large coffee table in my living room. (My wife is very pro aquarium!!!) So wish me luck. I'll report back with pics if I'm successful.

Click on my red house to see my 390 and 300 build thread. Those are my last 2 tanks in Tampa. Now in Pasadena waiting to buy a house to set up my next tank....anemones and clowns...probably a 3x3 150 gallon.
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