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Ok, for those of you interested we are starting a Marine Aquarium Club for Valdosta, GA and surrounding areas. If you wish to join pm me with your name, email address, RC name and phone number. I will be emailing newsletters monthly informing you of club meetings..etc.

We are shooting for our first meeting to be held near the end of Feb. 2007. Time, date and location are still under consideration. At the first meeting there will definately be a fragging demo, door prizes, frag trading/swapping and possibly a guest speaker.

Come on and join!! The club will cater to all levels of hobbyist, from beginner to advanced I guarantee it will be a Fun, Informative and Interesting!

400gals of various tanks in the same system.

Current Tank Info: 2 175w MH, 2 VH0 Actinics, Lots of Live Rock, tons of copepods, a Fat Mandarin Goby, Niger Trigger, Yellow Tang, Falco Hawkfish, Bi-Color Pseudo, numerous soft, SPS and LPS Corals
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