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Smile Success at 143 days!

Gosh!I am now a member of the very exclusive (less than 10 members)club of L.amboinensis breeders!My giant larva settled today into a huge post-larva (PL).
The PL is so big that after next molt,when it becomes a juvenile,it will be a commercial size shrimp.So a six month growing time from hatch to sale,is not really that bad,it is about the same time clowns need.
The shrimp is gorgeous (to my eyes at least ).Colour marks are very different to those of the adults.It swings sideways like peppermint shrimps.
Fulfillment feels great! If this was an Oscar and I had to produce a boring thanking speech,I would have to mention many people,many of this Forum, who helped with advises and copies of scientific articles.But I have to give special thanks to Andy R.(Spawner)for his continuous assistance and substantial practical support.
Next step is to raise lots of them and watch more carefully those last stages.

Luis A M

Current Tank Info: I keep about 40 tanks,for breeding and larval raising.Most are 10 gallons.
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