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Calcium Reactor To much for my tank? Help

So I decided to bite the bullet and remove my dosing and do a Calcium reactor. I got the Vertex R6 model I think it is called. Been running it for a few days and for some reason my Alkalinity keeps going up. I was wondering if it is possible the calcium reactor is just too much for my tank?

My consumption is currently about .7 dkH per day. In the last 2 days it has went from 9.0 dkh to 10.3. I just shut it down today since it just keeps rising. Also my mag (I am using Mag media as well) has went up about 20PPM in 2 days. I have a 55 gallon tank. I am going to add bunch of SPS and Clams to counter this but I was just not sure if It is too much or I am doing something wrong. My effluent is about 21 dKh (6.9 ph in reactor, Reborn media) and my drip rate is 10 ml/min. I can go lower on the flow rate (I have a Kamoer pump) but not sure how much higher I can go on the pH in the reactor with the reborn.

Any suggestions?

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