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I have a 29 gallon tank with 45 lbs of live rock.

Here are my levels:

Calcium - 500 ppm
KH Carbonite - 250 ppm (bit high)
Phosphate - 0.0 ppm
Nitrates - 5.0 ppm

The temperature in the tank is perfect.

I've just had the filter in the tank forever so the thought of just taking it out is kind of a shock to me. I also bought the Vitamin C tablets, 500 mg

***Fine Grade Aragonite Sand Added on 12/15/07, Powerheads & Protein Skimmer Cleaned on 12/15/07, All Light Bulbs changed on 12/10/07, 10g Water Change on 3/27/08***

Current Tank Info: 30 gal, 3-Inch Sandbed, Aqua C Remora HOT Skimmer, Coralife 2x65 Power Compact w/LED Lunar, 45lbs Fiji Live-Rock, 2-tank raised/mated Percula Clownfish, Green Star Polyps, Zoanthids, Ricordia,Yellow-Bellied Damsel Fish, 6-Line Wrasse, 2 Emerald Crabs
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