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my new regal angel

i had to drive nearly two hundred miles to get the angel today. when i got to the lfs the fish had just finished feeding{i thought i was in for a long wait,cus if they didn't feed i wouldn't have one} i saw two angels,and wanted the fattest one. after watching them for a while i realised that the fattest was just swimming about chilling,the other one was hunting for food. i got the lfs to put more food in and the smaller one went mad eating everything and now he's mine. got him home and after a hour of acclimatizing him, he was in the tank. i didn't expect to see him again for a day or so,but after about 50 seconds he was out and the cleaner shrimp was all over him.he started eating off the rocks straight away{unreal},so i put in some food and he chases it and eats again. two hours later i put some squid tied to a rock in for him, he attacked it so hard that he was lifting the rock off the sand bed. he is a red sea regal and well worth the three month wait {and two hundred mile trip} he's all over the front of the tank as i'm typing this,i will post a photo in a day or two{i don't want to upset him}.sorry about such a long post but i'm over the moon.

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