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Not sure where to post this, but I couldn't find the vendor/sponsor feedback forum. So I'm apologies if there is one. Mods please move there if available.

First of all, I wanna mention that this appears to be a one man operation out of Austin, TX. The guy is slow to return emails which is really annoying. I found out there is no phone number to call him. What I ordered was different than what was pictured on his website. That frustrated me because now I needed to leave my house and go buy different fittings that would work for my application. Long story short...there was a better solution for what I was planning to do so I sent the solenoid valve back after finally getting in touch with the guy via email...I offered to pay return shipping because I had a feeling this guy would refuse to pay it. Then... after he receives the valve, he only refunds $48. I purchased the valve for $56. So he basically took it upon himself to apparently withhold $8 of my money even after I paid the return shipping. Not cool. The valve was brand-new, not a scratch on it, was never used other than me blowing through the hole! I even sent it back via priority mail and bubble wrapped it extra nice for him so that it would not be damaged in shipping. The fact that he took $8 of my money pretty much confirms that he wouldn't have paid the return shipping either. I sent an email to ask why he didn't refund all my money back and what do you know, the guy doesn't respond. Classic! Never again will I trust a ridiculous operation like this.

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