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Originally Posted by SantaMonica View Post
I ordered some of their stuff years ago, and got it right away.
Iím glad you had a positive experience 2 years ago. Wish I would have too.

This guy just now emailed me back and basically called me a liar. He said it was my fault for not noticing the drop down arrow. I mean I just didnít see it and his website mentions nothing about being able to change fittings on the valve. I had no clue that the option was available. I mean if it doesnít mention it, why would I be looking for it. I just thought I was ordering what he had pictured. I think most people would.

I told him I wanted to return it because the solenoid valve restricts flow and wouldnít work for what I needed it for, but there were also other reasons too. I just didnít feel the need to call him out on it and upset him about his product. It did not have the correct power cord pictured, and there definitely isnít an option to change that. The valve nut was damaged, but itís stainless steel and would work anyway so I didnít mention it to him. Maybe Iím too shy to tell people the truth. Since the fittings were push connect and not the barbed fittings that I needed, I had to go and search for them which was unsuccessful because Loweís was out of stock. I just feel like he should have at least elaborated in the text about additional options. Maybe it was completely my fault.

Either way, I was very disappointed in the way that he handled it. When he kept $8 of my money when I paid the return shipping and packaged it better than I received it was frustrating. Especially when he sent a damaged product that had wrong power cord, wrong fittings, etc. IMO, he should have paid the return shipping and let me have a full refund since it was sent back to him in perfect condition. Ohh well, you live and learn.

No more small one man companies for me. No more dealing with a company who doesnít list a phone number and who canít respond to emails within two business days. Buy at your own risk! Youíve been warned.

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