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I agree, there is nothing wrong with 1 man show.
I sell quarantined fish online to all over USA and I am 1 man show.
I have purchased many ATO's from them before and never had any issues on delivery, timing or communication.
But it's been 5 to 7 yrs ago.

Water Quality: NO3 0,Phos 0,Cal 440,Alk 7.5,Mag 1300

"Reef Fast, You Crash, Reef Slow, You Pass" Mike's Reef 3:16

Current Tank Info: 350g DT,95g sump, 50g Frag tank, 4800gph return 4x Sea swirls. 6x AI Vega Color. 200# Pukani rock, dual recirculating skimmer, Biopellet, GFO Carbon rx's, Cal rx. Closed loop. 1.5hp chiller, genesis renew. Apex & RKE
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